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Please click on the titles below to take a look at some of the work I’ve done before:

Web Projects

English Martyrs’ Primary School English Martyrs’ Primary School

English Martyrs’ is a local Catholic primary school. They requested a simple website, to use as a platform to distribute information to parents and as a first contact for prospective parents.

After discussions with my client, I designed a clean, simple and bold website. Since the website had no complex requirements, it was created using only HTML and CSS.

Shrunk Website Shrunk Website

My Dare to be Digital team needed a website for our game, in order to fulfil the Marketing portion of the competition. As the most experienced web developer in the team, I was given the role of developing the site.

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Flash Projects

Sensation Science Centre, Dundee Sensation Science Centre, Dundee

While at university, I was involved in a number of extra-curricular projects, which gave me a good network of contacts within the university staff. One of these contacts recommended me when an in-house development company was looking for a programmer for two Flash games.

The games, developed for Dundee’s local science centre, were proposed by a team of students before being developed further by the same team. I worked as the sole programmer for both games, working closely with the artists to develop their assets.

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Other Projects

Shrunk! Shrunk!

From the many opportunities I had while at university, I got to know a group of like-minded students. When the opportunity for us to join together and take part in the prestigious Dare to be Digital competition arose, we took it.

I took on the role of a C++ programmer, working with the other programmer and three artists to develop a game demo. At the ProtoPlay event, my team won the Teams’ Choice award, and a BAFTA nomination. At the 2010 Game BAFTA ceremony, we were awarded the BAFTA Ones to Watch award, and a BAFTA Newcomers award.

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Other Clients

Some of my other clients, whose work is not available for display in my portfolio, include BYG Systems Ltd and BBC Scotland's New Media department.